The Institute of Finance in Morocco signs a partnership agreement with the National School of Finance in Tunisia

Place : 
Rabat, Morocco
Date : 
Monday, March 20, 2017

Considering the need to upgrade the professional skills of their respective human resources and to strengthen their institutional capacities to cope with the perpetual changes taking place in their economic environments, the Institute of Finance of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of the Kingdom of Morocco signed a partnership agreement with the National Scool of Finance of the Ministry of Finance in Tunisia, both members of the GIFT-MENA Network

This agreement will allow the two parties to collaborate mainly in order to:

  • Conducting studies or consultancy and expert missions;
  • Exchanging visits and sharing experiences;
  • Participating in training activities organized in face-to-face or remotely;
  • Organizing seminars and participating to the organization of training sessions, seminars or conferences;
  • Receiving officials for practical training;
  • Exchanging of documentation and information on common subjects and reforms undertaken.